Don’t let the Tories hit you with VAT


The Labour have attacked the Tories on VAT in their latest poster.

George Osborne had repeatedly refused to rule out raising the tax, which seems to have led Labour to campaign on the issue.

The poster is a slight pastiche of the Tory’s ‘wrecking ball’ execution, which I assume is a deliberate if slightly opaque reference.

Surely the headline should have been “don’t let the Tories hit you with VAT” – am I right??

I’m right.

Salmond calling the tune poster

Salmond Miliband Call The Tune poster

The Conservative Party have launched a poster to accompany the video released earlier this week.

I’m not sure why the two weren’t released together as it has slightly reduced the media impact of the poster.

Nevertheless, this a good political advert and a nice follow-up to the ‘Miliband in Salmond’s pocket’ poster which caused such a stir.

It features a simple, single-minded message delivered with a provocative visual and clean art direction.  It’s not the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen, but certainly has enough wit to dampen the blow in the minds of the electorate.

I suspect the Conservative Party will worried about going over-the-top with their mocking of Ed Miliband.  They will need to be careful not to seem like braying bullies and I wouldn’t be surprised if this poster is the high-water mark of the Salmond / Miliband baiting.

David Prescott – A Fresh Start for Gainsborough

One of the most exciting things about general election time is seeing some of the constituency level battles playing out.

This video David Prescott’s campaign has produced seems to be getting lots of compliments online, and rightly so.  It’s very nicely shot, the candidate speaks fluently and the whole piece just has a lovely authenticity to it.

I suspect in the final days of the campaign floating voters will be hitting the search engines to find out who their local candidates are and, as video ranks so highly on Google, the chances of videos such as these getting seen by the correct audience are pretty good.

I understand this was shot by Jack Slater (), I wouldn’t be surprised if other candidates give him a call between now and May 7th.

Miliband dances to Alex Salmond’s tune

I’ve finally got around to posting this animated video by the Conservative Party which features Alex Salmond as a boogeyman who has Ed Miliband dancing to his tune.

The voice over is nicely done and it’s a well-crafted animation.

The juxtaposition of the serious tone throughout 90% of the film with the comedic ending works well.

The ridiculousness of  the jig performed by the Labour leader is the nugget which has led to this video being shared widely and featured multiple times on prime time broadcast news.

Next time they’ll cut to the bone


The Labour Party have released a new poster featuring an X-Ray of a broken bone and headline criticising the Conservative’s handling of the NHS.

I have an issue with the logic of this poster. It features a headline talking about cuts and an image which shows a break.

This disconnect reduces the impact of the advert. The viewer doesn’t get any mental satisfaction as the point the poster is making is clouded by the inaccurate metaphore.