Picked up on this brilliant attempt by 7-Eleven to cash in the US Presidential Election on ‘Boy meets digital world’.

Coffee drinkers at 7-Elevens across America are casting their vote. Participants choose one of the two election coffee cups depending on their political preferences. The votes are being recorded and results of the favoured presidential candidate appear in USA Today as well as being tracked on the website. According to the site the 7-eleven voters have successfully predicted the result of the last two presidential elections.

Setting the Standard

The inconic piece of political advertising
The iconic piece of political advertising

For my debut post on this blog I thought I’d post THE iconic piece of political advertising.

It was produced by Saatchi&Saatchi and is credited to copywriter Andrew Rutherford and art director Martin Walsh; Jeremy Sinclair and Charles Saatchi are also said to have being hugely influential in its creation.  Tim (now Lord) Bell was the account manager who sold in the ad to (now Lady) Thatcher.

The simplicity with which the word play of the headline attributes the blame of high levels of unemployment of the time to the Labour government, whilst at the same time calling for their removal from power, is outstanding.

It worked  because it was not overly aggressive and yet delivered a devastating blow on the record of the government.  Too many ‘attack’ adverts in their aggression alienate the electorate, rather than influence them.