Online Election Campaigns

The use and impact of the internet with regards to political elections has been a topic of academic debate since the technology’s conception. Barack Obama’s successful campaign for the US Presidency in 2008, which made wide use of the internet as a campaigning tool, brought the effect of online election campaigns into journalistic and academic vogue and it has since remained a regular topic of public discussion in election years.

Whilst at university, in 2007, I completed a research project that sought to contribute to the literature surrounding online campaigning. Firstly, I attempted to determine and use a methodology for evaluating candidates’ online campaigns. Secondly I sought to establish whether, in elections, there is a causal connection between online strategies and votes gained.

As an element of this blog is concerned with electoral campaigns and strategy, it seemed not entirely inappropriate (though massively indulgent) to share it: Online Campaigning – by Benedict Pringle

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  1. great work!! must say, a very detailed analysis. i really liked the way you have defined the concepts of informing, involving and mobilizing.

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