LadBible: she is someone

LadBible, a youth content publisher, is running an ad on Europe’s largest digital billboard, in Manchester, to coincide with Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week (7 – 13 February).

The campaign is in partnership with domestic violence charity Refuge and the activation aims to raise awareness and offer support to anyone in domestic danger.

The core audience for LadBible is young blokes and this campaign cleverly uses sexist language they might have come across in their day-to-day lives to inform them about the concept of innate dignity.

The execution subverts the well known refrain used by men to defend women against abuse – “she is someone’s daughter / sister / mother / wife etc” – to make the point that women deserve safety, respect and equal treatment more generally purely on the basis of their humanity.

It was created in-house at LadBible.

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