No drama just Starmer

A brilliant homage to a historic Labour Party poster has emerged which powerfully portrays Keir Starmer as the antidote to the frantic and feckless state of the current Conservative government.

The original “Not flash, just Gordon” poster was done by ad agency Saatchi&Saatchi in 2007 (yes, the same agency who became famous for ads they did for the Conservatives under Thatcher and Major).

It was a superb ad that ran shortly after Gordon Brown became Prime Minister and positioned the Labour leader as the antithesis of both his predecessor Tony Blair and the Leader of the Opposition David Cameron, both of whom were perceived by some to be slick / untrustworthy / insubstantial.

The homage that has emerged works in a very similar way.

The ad positions the Labour leader Keir Starmer as calm, collected and straightforward in stark contrast to the Prime Minister Boris Johnson who is perceived by many to be behaving chaotically and deceitfully.

I don’t know who did this – I don’t believe it’s an “official” Labour ad – but I will update as soon as the author becomes clear.

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