Stronger In have released a new campaign titled VOTIN which aims to appeal to da yoof.  There’s a short video (above) some print advertising (below) and a website.

The campaign encourages viewers to register to vote by featuring activities that (Stronger In suspect) will appeal to young people and suggests that their viability is at stake in the EU referendum.

The reason Stronger In will be targeting youth is that most research suggests young people are very likely to be pro-EU, however, very few are reckoned to be registered –around only 20%.

Various commentators and broadcasters are accusing of it of oversimplifying the debate and of patronising young people, but I would be surprised if the intended audience see or read such charges, such is their want for avoiding traditional news coverage.

I’m betting Stronger In will be using these materials to directly target young people on social media channels and the fact that the materials resemble the sorts of communication that the audience are likely to engage with makes sense to me.

Could it have been delivered in a less cringeworthy way? Yes, probably.  But is this better than using their existing work and sticking some media money behind targeting a younger audience? Certainly.

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