Women’s Equality Party: give half your votes to equality

The Women’s Equality Party (WEP) have released a series of videos to increase the chance of getting representation on the London Assembly after the election that takes place on 5th May.

The party have worked with Cheil Worldwide to develop the campaign and there’s a very clever piece of political strategy at its centre.

WEP have decided to forgo (what must have at first seemed like the more glamorous opportunity) promoting their Mayoral candidate Sophie Walker to instead ask the electorate to support them in the less sexy London Assembly elections.

I would have been impressed if the only strategic decision they had made was deciding to focus on the London Assembly, rather than the Mayor, as the chances of a WEP candidate even getting a second preference in the Zac vs Sadiq slugfest is unlikely.

But they didn’t stop there.

They then decided to only ask for one of the electorates’ two possible votes (Londoners get one for their local area and one for a ‘London wide’ representative).

WEP have acknowledged that they’re a new player in the London political scene and have gambled that if they ask for all someone’s votes, they might end up getting none.  But if they ask for just one of a possible three (Mayor + 2 x Assembly), they might just end up getting it.

As the saying goes: strategy is sacrifice.

But they didn’t even stop there.

They have then used this piece of behavioural science as a creative platform for their video content: women are half the population, it’s only right to give half of your vote to helping them achieve equality.


I bet you wish you’d thought of that.

The executions are very charming indeed, particularly given they were no doubt produced on a shoestring budget;  you can watch the playlist of films here.

My favourite one, above, features Sandi Toksvig – writer, actor, comedian, presenter, producer and founder of the Women’s Equality Party.

The one with pop star Lily Allen, below, is great fun too.

Experts supporting Brexit?…we’ll get back to you

Stronger In experts supporting Brexit poster launch

Stronger In experts supporting Brexit poster

Stronger In experts supporting Brexit poster we'll get back to you

Today David Cameron and Brendan Barber, former general secretary of the UK’s Trades Union Congress, launched a new poster for the Stronger In campaign.

It’s the latest of a series of attacks on the perceived lack of support for Brexit amongst experts.

This is a brilliant idea.  Like many of the best British political advertisements, the attack is devastating because it rings true and has been executed in an intelligent, visually impactful and witty way.

It’s a negative ad which, on account of the levity in the tone, will keep floating voters on side. Indeed as the message is so clearly delivered,  I can see it sticking in their heads.

It is reminiscent of the most compelling poster from the Alternative Vote referendum in 2011 (below).  I wonder if  Matthew Elliot – the CEO of Vote Leave who would have signed off on the NO2AV poster in question – will be able to see the funny side of the visual technique being deployed by Stronger In.

Stronger In hits Leave with some independent expertise

The Stronger In campaign have this week hit Vote Leave with an ‘expert opinion’ one-two punch.

At the start of the week they released a video showing a series of fairly heavyweight, politically independent, economists and commentators all outlining the financial risks of leaving the EU.

The video has had a good chunk of views (200k+) on YouTube, so I suspect it’s had a paid media push.

Then, at the end of the week, Stronger In emailed supporters a video of one of Vote Leave’s key figures, Kate Hoey MP, being skewered by Andrew Neil on the Daily Politics.

Hoey, in a cringe-worthy performance under the bright lights of the studio, was  unable to name a single, reputable, independent expert or organisation who has said that Britain will be better off or remain economically stable upon exiting the EU.

Vote Leave must be reeling.

Remain campaign poster attacks Leave’s plans for post-Brexit

Fingers Crossed – the Remain campaign stick two fingers up at Leave

The Remain campaign today released a poster attacking Leave for a perceived lack of clarity around plans for a post-Brexit Britain.

Whilst it’s clearly reminiscent of the 1987 Conservative classic “Labour’s Policy on Arms”, it still has merit.

Uncertainty around what the future might look like is a major weak spot for the Leave campaign and strategically Remain are wise to remind voters about it.

The execution is good, but I wonder whether there was another more provocative and / or amusing image they could have used.

Whilst the copywriting in the original (below) is excellent, the  magic in the poster comes as much from the ridiculous and unusual visual of a member of the British army, in full military gear, standing gormlessly with his hands raised in surrender.

The best campaign ads of the US Presidential Primaries 2016

Best ads of US presidential primaries 2016 benedict pringle Marketing Magazine

I was asked by  Marketing Magazine to pick out and comment on the best TV ads that have aired so far in the 2016 US Presidential Primaries.

I chose one ad from each of the candidates that has had some success at the polls.  And I also included Jeb Bush.

Only ads from the candidates’ official campaigns were considered – no Super PAC or independent productions feature in the list.

You can watch the ads and read the commentary here .