Women’s Equality Party #WeAreWe #WEPnesday selfie campaign

The Women’s Equality Party have today launched a very clever campaign which encourages members to attach a sticker (which supporters seem to have been sent in advance) to their smart phone and take and share a selfie.

Using the back of a smart phone as a media space is a smart tactic that I’ve not come across before.

It’s a quick and simple way to enable supporters to share a consistent campaign message in a personal and creative way.

The campaign launched hours ago and is already trending nationally on Twitter.

You can get more information on the new feminist political party here: https://womensequality.org.uk.

Liz Kendall evokes Clement Attlee

Liz Kendall Fresh Start Clement Attlee

Liz Kendall’s campaign for Labour’s leadership have produced a very good graphic on the eve of members receiving their ballot papers.

The advert neatly encapsulates the main point of her campaign: that the real test of our Labour values isn’t just good intentions in opposition – it’s what can be delivered in government after you’ve won a general election.

There’s been relatively few examples of creativity in the the Labour Leadership 2015 campaign, so this is a real breath of FRESH air.