The Economist’s tribute to Nelson Mandela

Last week AMV BBDO and The Economist launched a piece of editorial content about the life of Nelson Mandela.

The joint initiative lives on

After watching the film, users are able to explore the individual objects that appear in the interactive film and learn, from a selection of articles taken from The Economist archives, about their significance to a particular time in Mandela’s life.  These articles feature the many facts, points of view and analysis that the magazine has published about South Africa, Mandela and his impact on the world.

What’s great about the project is that it doesn’t just show the complexity and richness of Nelson Mandela’s life, it also reveals the motives, the moments and the stories that made him the man that changed our world.


Mad Men and Bad Men: the history of advertising and British politics

mad men and bad men sam delaney

Writer and broadcaster Sam Delaney has recently signed an agreement with publisher Faber to release a book on the history of advertising and British politics called Mad Men and Bad Men.

Love that title.

The book will examine some of the most famous political ads, along with the stories and characters behind the work, that has run during elections from the early ’70s up to the modern day.

He is interviewing all of the key players in political advertising and marketing from the last few decades.  Giants of the political advertising game that will be included are: Chris Powell, Maurice Saatchi, Neil Kinnock, Alastair Campbell, Peter Mandelson, Trevor Beattie, Lord Bell and many, many more.

Delaney has previously written Get Smashed – The Men Who Made the Ads that Changed our Lives and is a regular contributor to The Guardian, The Observer, The Telegraph and The Big Issue and is a presenter for BBC London and talkSPORT.

It’s due out in spring 2015.  No doubt there will be some lovely gossipy stories from days passed that will inspire (and comfort) the war rooms of the party headquarters battling out for general election victory.

Conservative Party posters – Autumn Statement

investing in britains future conservative party employment up deficit down.png-large


The Conservative Party released some content in advance of today’s Autumn Statement.  They  have played a straight bat and obviously wanted all the chatter and news to be around the statement rather than the supporting social media materials.

However, from these images you get a sense of the key messages that the Tories will be pushing come election time: 1) We’ve cut the deficit 2) We’ve done it whilst maintaining investment in important parts of the economy.