Ed Miliband Conference Speech 2013 – Labour Party Social Content

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The Labour Party’s press team did a fantastic job yesterday of releasing content across social media before, during and after Ed Miliband’s conference speech.

The Party is getting better and better at amplifying these big set piece occasions.  The quality of the creative materials also continues to improve.

The timely nature of the content distribution and the higher production values of the creative are two factors that increase the likelihood that supporters will share it.

It will be interesting to see if the Tories follow suit next week.

Green Party welcome Labour delegates to Brighton

This is the digital billboard that greeted Labour Party delegates as they arrived at Brighton for their annual conference.

The digital billboard animates, whilst on a red background, to outline how Caroline Lucas, Green Party MP for Brighton, is in favour of:

“Saving the NHS, Fighting Austerity, Railways in Public Hands, Scrapping Trident.”

As the screen turns green, the billboard says “Brought to you by the Green Party.”

The final screen displays a photo of Caroline Lucas MP and reads:

“Welcome to Brighton – Home of the True Opposition in parliament p.s. Labour is down the hill on the right.”

A great (and helpful) pun that finishes off a nice piece of ambush advertising.