Anti-plain packaging ad



I somehow managed to miss this last month, but I thought it so interesting that it’s worth sharing for anyone else that may also be slow on the uptake.

The tobacco giant JTI giant ran a national advertising campaign against plain cigarette packaging in response to the government proposals to include legislation on the issue in the Queen’s speech.

The print ad uses a letter from a Department of Health official to the Australian government, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, to accuse the government of implementing plain packaging proposals despite the fact that “there isn’t any hard evidence to show that it works.”

It’s a brilliant piece of advertising.  The British public hate the nanny state and this ad very cleverly uses the government’s own words to accuse them of intervening without basis.

The ‘We couldn’t have put it better ourselves’ line is a political advertising classic and is usually accompanied by a quotation taken completely out of context.  The damning thing about this execution is that the letter is shown in whole.

The letter was dismissed by the Department of Health, which said evidence and research has since been developed.  But the enforcement of plain packaging was dropped by the government days before the Queen’s speech… no doubt ALL because of this ad…

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