Obama 2012 – Forward

Regular readers will know that, despite the huge number of permutations, there are only really two election campaign slogans:

1) The Opposition Slogan: Time for a change

2) The Incumbent Slogan: We’re doing ok, don’t let them ruin it

Coming up with the most appropriate and most powerful phrasing of one of these two slogans is not easy, but nevertheless, 99% of all election slogans will fit into one of these two categories.

Obama has, sensibly, not tried to reinvent the wheel and has instead obviously spent some time coming up with his take on The Incumbent slogan.

‘Forward’ works very well.

It’s a neat distillation of The Incumbent’s campaign.  It’s broad enough to sit over the vast array of policy positions he will take. It’s simple enough for people to grasp.  It gives his whole campaign a sense of purpose and momentum.  And, crucially, he’s able to use his Obama ‘O’ logo as one of the letters of the slogan.

‘Forward’ also tacitly insinuates that his opponent, Mitt Romney, is ‘Backward’.  Though the Republicans have tried to devalue the slogan – “Forward and straight of a cliff, more like, *chuckle chuckle*” – but the reality of it is that the phrase is quite hard to appropriate for piss-taking.

‘Forward’ feels like a natural and sensible progression from his 2008 slogan ‘Hope’ and I would guess that his advocates will be equally eager to adopt it and use it for their own 3rd party promotional materials; an element of the campaign which was essential to Obama’s success in ’08.

Argentine Falklands Propaganda

The Argentinian government have released a piece of propaganda in advance of the London 2012 Olympic Games; how satisfying to be able to use that word in its actual sense rather than as a piece of linguistic hyperbole.

The video shows Argentine hockey captain Fernando Zylberberg running and exercising in the Falklands capital Port Stanley ahead of London 2012 and carries the end line “To compete on English soil, we train on Argentine soil.”


The ad is shot in the style of a ‘Rocky’ film and will no doubt get the nationalist juices flowing for both British and Argentine populations.

How to Sack Boris

The non-party political Sack Boris campaign have been really impressive throughout the London Mayoral campaign.

They’ve produced a huge amount of content and I’ve no doubt that they’ve had a tangible impact on the discourse and eventual outcome of the race.

Above is the ‘How to Sack Boris’ leaflet that I was handed this morning at Kensal Green station.  It tries to simply breakdown the steps necessary to evict the incumbent candidate.

To be honest, they’ve made it seem slightly more difficult than necessary, but I suppose just writing “don’t put mark anywhere near Boris’ name or anything else which features the Conservative Party logo” would have been a blunt.

I’ve written previously about the Sack Boris campaigns ‘Boris Isn’t Working’ posters.  Below are a couple of iterations that have been released since then: