George Osborne – Dont Stop Me Now

The left-wing campaign organisation Common People, who are behind both Sack Boris 2012 and the most viral video of the 2010 general election, have launched a video attacking George Osborne to theme of Queens’ Dont Stop Me Now.

Whilst it is vaguely amusing, the assault is so aggressive (and personal) that the resulting sentiment of the viewer is “these guys really hate George Osborne”.  I would guess that the aim of the piece was to get people thinking “George Osborne is a bad Chancellor”, but I’m not sure that this will be the prevailing take-out.

For people who don’t like Osbourne (and posh people generally), this will certainly appeal.  But, because of the tilt of the balance away from comedy and towards vitriol, I doubt it will be as popular as their previous offering.

Ken offers £1000 off TfL fares

Ken’s campaign launched a ‘travel voucher’ for distribution to the electorate.  As Ken explained at a press conference this morning:

‘Today I am launching my ‘London Travel Voucher’. I am saying to Londoners – keep hold of this voucher so that you have physical evidence of my promise to cut your fares. The voucher will be available online from today, but will only be valid if I am elected as Mayor on 3 May. Londoners who want to save £1,000 need to use their vote to cut fares.’

It’s not the most beautiful piece of communication, but in fare-ness (sorry) not many vouchers win awards for their creativity.

Ken’s campaign are really putting all of their eggs in the Fare Deal basket.  Their polling must show that it’s paying off.  Either that, or they havent got anything else up their sleeves.

Santorum’s Subliminal Messaging – Sworn American Enemy

Watch the above advert ‘Obamaville’ by Rick Santorum’s campaign all the way through… Did you see it??

If not, watch this:

Santorum’s campaign have been caught using subliminal techniques in their advertising to try to build a cognitive connection between US President Barak Obama with the President and dictator of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

This really is an all new low for political advertising, the Santorum candidacy and the Republican Party.  It’s so morally bankrupt that it’s almost comical.

Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up

And so it begins.  Romney is pillared for being a flip-flop in this absolutely brilliant piece of 3rd party, viral, populist attack advertising.

As Mitt Romney’s campaign gets closer to dragging their candidate over the finish line and claiming the Republican Presidential nomination, the Obama-supporting creative industries have plunged their first knife into the campaign’s calf muscle.

Newt Gingrich’s team will be saying “hate to say it, but we told you so…

Boris isn’t working poster campaign

Sack Boris 2012 are trying to raise funds to run an advertising campaign to promote their cause in advance of the London Mayoral elections in May.

They’ve posted scamps of the two posters that they intend to create and run.  They both pay homage to Saatchi & Saatchi’s Labour Isn’t Working poster that set (and continues to maintain) the bar for political advertising.

Whilst adverts that are pastiches, imitations or pistakes of prior campaigns can never live up to the originals, I would nevertheless love to see these posters get made for real.

These two iterations are directly relevant to issues that are live in the election race and the visual and linguistic mechanic of the original hasn’t been stretched too far.

Is Boris Working?

Hypernaked have created an amusing new microsite for the ‘Sack Boris’ campaign called ‘Is Boris Working?‘.  It’s based on a popular online meme, which in this instance involves users being given various amusing negative responses to the question “Is Boris Working?”.

It seems to have got a good amount of traction online and is the sort of thing that non-politico, floating voters would engage with.

It just goes to show that online political advertising doesn’t have to break moulds or be particularly clever to work; if it’s funny, people will pass it round.

Better off with…?

Guido Fawkes yesterday pointed out the similarities between the logo that Boris released yesterday and the branding device subsequently pushed out by Ken’s team.  Guido describes the story:

Boris launched his new “Better Off With Boris” logo with it adorning his Progress Report at Mayors Question Time this morning. Ken copied it with a “Better of with Ken” logo which looks remarkably similar. Alas Team Ken in their hurry to cobble it  together forgot to register now links to the website. 

As Boris Backer has pointed out, Ken’s logo looks like the work of an intern using MS Paint; Ken’s marketing team seem to have given up on any level of quality control and seem to be happy that their candidate comes across as a (low quality) student union hopeful.

The only thing of note with regards to the Battle of the Badges is that neither candidate includes any reference or nod to their party.  This should be applauded.  Both candidates realise that their political party has relatively little to do with this election and have kept it single-minded.