Ron Paul: Big Dog


Republican Presidential Nominee Ron Paul is clearly very keen to be seen to be the candidate most in favour of deep public sector cuts.

Paul is pledging to cut 5 whole government departments and save the taxpayer an estimated 1 Trillion Dollars.

The ad is high energy, confident and would certainly cut through. It reminds me of a promo for a World Wrestling Entertainment pay-per-view event: not such a bad thing for trying to win over Republican hearts.

For this ad to work Paul’s polling had better show that a significant number of floating Republican voters #1 priority is  “I’ll vote for whoever is going to cut hardest and fastest”.

He almost did it without swearing… almost…

This video is painfully funny.  It’s one of those videos where the longer you watch it, the funnier it gets.

Yesterday thousands of public sector workers took to the streets of London to protest about government cuts.  Whilst the main cause for complaint were the Tory government’s proposals for reducing pensions, as our protagonist so eloquently explains, there were a number of other issues that were also simmering away.

(hat tip @ChrisMComedy)