The Return of Ben Ali

On January 14th 2011 President (and dictator) Ben Ali was chased out of Tunisia in a popular, democratic uprising.

This event had a huge impact on life in Tunisia (and across the Arab world), however 10 months after the event many people – now free of their shackles – began to lose interest in politics and there was a genuine fear that the first free and fair elections would have a low turnout.

This was particularly worrying as there’s plenty of research to suggest that if you don’t vote the first time you are eligible to do so, you are less likely to turn out in future ballots.

The equivalent of the electoral commission decided to restore a giant poster of the former dictator that used to be a landmark of a suburban area of Tunis.  Passers-by are astounded and seemingly nervous when they see it in the morning, however, soon their stupefaction shifts to anger and the revolutionary tendency returns.

The whole episode was filmed by secret camera and subsequently turned into the best ‘get the vote out’ video I’ve seen.

(hat tip @TomBage)

Hermain Cain – tasteless tribute to 9/11 victims

I nearly didn’t post this on account of its sheer depravity and tastelessness (which, for a blog on political advertising is really saying something).

Hermain Cain’s campaign seems to be hurtling off the rails – trying to make political gain out of a terrorist attack, a full 10 years after the event, is very low indeed.

Hilarious Herman Cain Primary Promo

You’ve got to watch this video right until the end.  You’ll know when you see it.  Oh yes.  You’ll know.

This campaign video definitely falls into the ‘so bad it’s good’ catergory.

Block – Herman’s campaign manager – is seemingly drunk and propping himself up against some sort of graveyard wall.   The cameraman has obviously forgotten his tripod and has decided to film the whole thing on his phone using some dodgy application that gives the ‘fade-in-fade-out’ effect.

And can I just reiterate: this is an official video for an official candidate for the Republican Party presidential nomination.  Wow.

*Takes drag of cigarette and blows it on to monitor*

ActionAid call for transparency in Afghan peace process

ActionAid have released a video calling for greater transparency in the Afhan peace process.

The NGO acknowledges that talks are going on between Western governments and The Taliban but calls for greater involvement of women in the discussions.

The film is based on interviews of 1000 women 10 years after US-led forces invaded the country.

The film is nicely put together and gives clarity and poignancy to a topic that is rarely covered by mainstream media outlets.

Conservative Party dedicate political broadcast to East Africa

What a very, very canny move.

The Conservative Party have created a satire of party political broadcasts (whilst at the same time delivering not-very-subtle partisan messages) before making a plee for the nation to donate to the East Africa Appeal, a charity helping those suffering from drought in the region.

The broadcast is clever in 3 ways:

1. It defends the Conservative Party’s commitment to increasing overseas aid with reference to a contemporary and worthy cause.

2. It shows the Conservative Party recognise the mendacity of most political broadcasts and as such makes them seem ‘in touch’.

3. The satirical approach enables them to deliver all the key messages, albeit more tongue-in-cheek, that they would usually.  e.g. Diverse membership of Tory MPs, economic decline under Labour gov, paucity of credible alternative etc…

(Hat tip: @Ciaranward).