1. Isn’t this just a continuation of a campaign from last year? I remember one of the issues being about payment of organ donors.

    Back last year I thought having the ads on the underground was a terrible idea because there’s no signal – but my new Blackberry allows me to save messages to draft, so that’s not a problem anymore.

  2. Yep, it’s a contination of the campaign that started around this time last year. This is its fourth burst.

    The same ‘eye changing’ treatment was used on Tony Blair’s face in The Conservative Party’s 1997 ‘Demon Eyes’ execution. Strange how just flipping eyes can make something look so sinister.

  3. just need to correct you that uk has the fourth largest defence budget and not third !!!!!
    china has double the uk budget and BTW this is what the chinese let us see. we all know that it is definitely more than that and when they become the economic super power as soon as in the year 2016 they will probably reach a good $400 billion. but throughout history and their culture i we can see the chinese peace loving people. i have never heard the chinese provoking or illigally/deliberately going in to a sovereign nation and setting up bases. have you ??? this is a good boogie man attempt propagated by the economist, but in reality we know people love peace and its about time they get some good peace

  4. doesn’t matter what governments have to lie about or use media to provoke its citizens its time to hold hands and move foreward as human beings not as the west or the east. we are one species depending on each and every one to contibute towards our march foreward. why all these baseless rumors going about that china is a foe of the west. the chinese want peace and good relations with the rest of the world not war and hate. what happened to the global economy concept. we are all brothers of one another and equally depend on one another. lets hope that global peace is not just a pipe dream and remember that peace can only be brought by love and not by offensives against other countires.

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