Greenpeace Campaign – VW: The Dark Side

Greenpeace have released a very good spoof of VW’s ‘The Force’ TV spot which first ran during the Superbowl this year.

The video features a gang of young kids dressed up as the Star Wars series’ main protagonists who take on VW and mini- Darth Vadar.

The basis for Greenpeace’s campaign against Volkswagen is that supposedly the car manufacturing giant is donating millions of Euros every year to lobby groups who are trying to stop Europe increasing its commitment to greenhouse gas reductions from 20% to 30% by 2020.

The environmental group have created a website with a ‘Rebel Manifesto’ which seeks to educate, and enlist the support of, the public.

The Republican Party – what in the world are they talking about?

In both politics and business you can get a disproportionate size of an audience by being the first to react to an event or trend.

The Democratic Party have put out a video response within a day of the Republic candidates’ debate.

It’s not polished, but it doesn’t matter, as the message is so well crafted that it will resonate with voters regardless.

(hat tip @ciaranward)

Greenpeace – Why Ken Really Dumped Barbie

Greenpeace have launched a video recording of their latest stunt that aims to put pressure on Mattel Toys to reconsider which partners they use in the Barbie supply chain.

It’s not the slickest or most impactful stunt / campaign / video that I’ve ever seen.  However, the principle of using a brand’s narrative against it’s holding company is a good’n (albeit not particularly original).

Obama fundraising email

I’ve just been sent (thanks @ciaranward) an example of some absolutely brilliant political copywriting.  Obama’s fundraising machine is clearly starting to get into gear.

This really is a masterclass in communication.

“[First name salutation]

Someone is about to tap you on the shoulder.

It’s someone who’s already made a donation to the 2012 campaign, and who’s willing to give again if you’ll step up and take ownership of it, too.

They’ve made a promise to match your first donation to this campaign, effectively making your $5 donation a gift of $10. If you give now, you’ll double your impact.

Will you?

We’re not just gathering donations here. We’re gathering people.

We didn’t get this far by doing things the usual way. Our campaign doesn’t take money from Washington lobbyists or special-interest PACs.

We’re doing this the right way — with a whole lot of people like you taking the lead.

One of our earliest supporters is prepared to make a second donation in order to persuade you to make your first. It’s that kind of commitment that creates a grassroots campaign capable of changing the outcome of an election — and capable of changing the course of this country.

That’s the spirit that drives us. And it starts with a tap on the shoulder.

Now all you have to do is take them up on the offer. Give it a go:

Thank you,