Jurassic Politicians

This is a poster by the Yes2AV campaign group who are lobbying for a form proportional representation to be used in UK elections.

The film poster-style advert portrays supporters of the current first-past-the-post system as political dinosaurs.

It’s inclusion of Nick Griffin – leader of the far right BNP – has caused widespread controversy.  The NotoAV camp claim that including Griffin both gives him political legitimacy and is a slur on the names of other mainstream politicians included in the poster.

Apart from anything else, the political-poster-that-looks-like-a-movie-poster was used to death in 2001 by The Labour Party and should never again see the light of day (see below):

Canadian Conservative Party stick to the formula

If ever there was a stereotype for an incumbent party’s political advertising, the above TV spot for The Canadian Conservative Party, currently on air in the run up to a legislative election, is it.

The old-school political admen will tell you that there’s only two adverts you can make in politics – “Time for a change” or “Don’t risk the other lot ruining our good work”.

The challenge is to make either proposition engaging and impactful.  Unfortunately for the Canadian Conservative Party, this ad falls slightly flat.

John Prescott in new moneysupermarket.com advert

Not strictly a political advert, but it’s an advert featuring a politician, so it’s sort of ok for me to comment.

My favourite aspect about the Omid Djalili moneysupermarket adverts is the way they play to the insight about the British public’s aversion to haggling.  In this spot they’ve dropped that powerful observation and picked up the former (political) heavyweight champion of Kingston upon Hull East. 

It will definitely get moneysupermarket some PR coverage, but it’s a shame that they’ve done so at the expense of some sound strategic advertising thinking.

Labour’s shameless ripp-off

The Labour Party have shamelessly ripped off one of the Conservative Party’s most famous and impactful political posters of all time.  The advert is running in Oldham, where the by-election to replace Phil Woolas is currently taking place.

The Conservative Party, in their successful general election campaign in 1992, released the double whammy poster (below) to great acclaim and Conservative supporters rehashed it in last year’s election.

When a party can’t come up with a single fresh idea for an election poster, what does it say about their ability to come up with new and innovative policies to improve the country?

It really is embarrassing.

What the poster does show is how vulnerable the Lib Dems are going to be in every Lib / Lab marginal constituency across the country for a generation.

Best thing that anyone’s ever said about this site

If you could excuse some brief navel-gazing,  just came across a very amusing post from Barry Singleton:

“Politics is truly ‘the art of self deception, wrapped in the craft of deceiving others for their own good’. If you have a strong stomach and dependable ribs: http://politicaladvertising.co.uk

Barry is currently pursuing justice over what he feels to be a misleading piece of political communication in the last general election.