They work for us now

This is the best political advert from the Senate elections currently taking place in the USA.

It’s set in 2030 and features a Chinese lecturer teaching his students about why great nations fail; the underlying message is that Democrat spending plans will make the USA a slave to China in the very near future.

The production values are incredibly high, the narrative is clear and concise and the message brings to life a fear that will be prevalent amongst a huge number of swing voters.



Oil & Water Do Not Mix

British Artist Anthony Burrill and Belgian creative agency Happiness Brusselsto have created a series of posters printed using the crude oil that was washed up on the beaches of Louisiana during BP’s Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

The words ‘Oil & Water’ are printed in a golden oil colour while below a stylised waterline, the oil-based paint is used to shape the words ‘Do Not Mix’ out of the neutral background of the poster.

It’s a great concept and the execution of the posters is stunning.  The posters will be available to buy, with profits going to the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana.

Conservative Party Political Broadcast – October 2010

A nicely balanced ppb from the Tories.  It follows a fairly standard format – assessment of what went wrong, justification of steps taken thus far and concluding with ambitions for the future.

Cameron’s performance is statesmanlike and confident.  The soundtrack brings the film to a nice crescendo, before the end frame – featuring a suitably stoic call to action ‘together in the national interest’ – draws things to a close.

Conservative ‘Big Society’ Posters

In the weeks before polling day of the last general election, the Conservative Party ran a load of posters on phone boxes to promote their concept of ‘the big society’.

David Cameron’s Conservative Party Conference speech spurred a friend on the inside to send on the other executions in the series which never ran (I notice that the crass ‘Vote Conservative’ logo that ran in the original burst – which I criticised at the time – has been replaced with the Tory tree…).

Clown elected as Congressman. An actual one.

A Brazilian clown named ‘Grumpy’ (AKA Francisco Oliveira Silva) has won a seat in Brazil’s Congressional elections.  He gained 1.3 million votes, making him the most popular candidate nationwide by a significant margin.

His adverts, one of which is featured above, carried slogans such as: “It can’t get any worse.”

If reports are to be believed, Grumpy cannot read or write, but his juggling-whilst-unicycling act is meant to be hilarious.

I’m not a witch

Christine O’Donnell – a member of the Tea Party movement, who recently ousted the Republican establishments’ preferred candidate in the Delware Senate Republic Primary – has released an advert which opens with the phrase “I’m not a witch”.

The reason being that back in 1999 she took part in an interview in which she revealed that she dabbled in witch-craft as youngster.

Whilst the opening statement is surprising and amusing, the end line which she uses – “I’m You” is incredibly powerful and one which is likely to resonate with the huge numbers of Republicans and wavering voters who feel disenfranchised by Washington.