Clint Webb for Senate… this is brilliant

“All my motives are ulterior, I’m self-involved to the point of psychosis…my soul is… terrifying”. have made a video which will no doubt having many candidates standing in the mid-term elections consigning their political ads, urging voters to elect them to the Senate, to the dustbin.  Actually… given the extent of many politicians’ ego-mania, maybe the similarities between their spots and the above will be lost on them…

John Rudd ousted because of political propaganda

John Rudd’s government in Australia had been running adverts condemning the profits of the mining industry and advocating a super-tax on profits.

Rudd was elected partly on a platform of ending state sponsored political advertising (also known as propaganda) and his decision to run the campaign against the mining industry was seen as hypocritical and unfair and he has paid the price with his leadership.

 A party campaigning publicly on one issue and then changing their minds once in government… now where else have I seen that recently

Labour Party Leadership contest – eCRM

The Labour Party are allowing each of the 5 candidates in their leadership election to send an email to the Labour Party database.  3 of the candidates have taken advantage or the opportunity so far and above is the creative they’ve opted for in the header.

The power of email, arguably over an other digital channel, as political communication tool is well documented.  So, one can safely assume that the candidates would have spent considerable time and effort getting their message honed for the occasion.

Labour Party to advertise membership in national newspapers

Diane Abbott, Ed Balls, Andy Burnham, David Miliband and Ed Miliband have all received the requisite number of nominations and are standing to become the next Leader of The Labour Party.  The party are now seeking donations to advertise in a national newspaper the fact that if you join the ranks you’ll be eligible to vote in the election.

It seems that the Labour Party is seizing the opportunity of the contest, which will no doubt be closely fought and get significant national interest outside of Labour’s heartlands, to begin to rebuild its’ membership base.  Good idea.  Unlike making a slightly weird, 30 second long and overly-funky promo video…

Oona King launches campaign for London Mayor

Oona King has launched her campaign to become the Labour Party’s candidate for the London Mayoral Election.  Her website (though slightly awkwardly, none of the social media links work atm) and Facebook page are both live and seem to be gathering momentum.

Her campaign image (feature above) is nicely designed and has a slightly iconic, whilst remaining contemporary, feel to it.  Good work to whoever art directed that one.

She’s also released a video announcing her candidacy.  The fact that the background poster is at an angle (and the fact that camera keeps on slipping to reveal that it is indeed a poster) is quite unnerving and fairly sloppy.  In terms of the content, it’s a little bit of the ‘kitchen sink’ approach – just throw everything at it, really quickly and hope something sticks.  However, the overall sentiment that ‘Oona “gets” London and seems vaguely normal’ comes across.

The Zimbabwean wins top global creative award

Last night TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris’s campaign for The Zimbabwean won the D&AD’s highest award, and the advertising world’s most exclusive prize, the Black Pencil for Design. This achievement makes the campaign the most awarded in advertising history. 

D&AD President (and Executive Creative Director at AMV.BBDO) Paul Brazier, said of the campaign:

“It’s no mean feat to turn a symbol of oppression into a campaign for freedom of speech. The agency used the worthless currency to send a clear message about the newspaper’s objectives. It’s so simple, but it feels really fresh.”

Check out the video below that summarises the campaign, as well as some stills of the work below.

(Thanks to Charles for sending)