David Cameron the focus in new Conservative poster

A tieless, earnest looking David Cameron is the focus of the Conservative Party’s new poster.

Cameron is the party’s poster boy and therefore it should come as no surprise that they have made his image the dominant feature of this advertisment and indeed (in all likelihood) the focus of the Conservative Party’s general election campaign henceforth.

Given the topic of the poster the shot selected of Cameron is a good one: serious, confident and yet still approachable.  However, the headline is overly wordy.  It seems as if there has been a battle over what the key message for the poster should be – (a) We can’t go on like this, or (b) I’ll cut the deficit not the NHS.   Both are strong on their own, but the combination of the two seems like a bit of a fudge and the impact of the headline is slightly lost.

The poster will be placed on 1000 sites around the country.   This is a massive (and vastly expensive) poster campaign.  With that number of sites, roughly 70% of the population will see this poster at least once within the first week.  Labour are not and will not be able to compete with this level of media spend.  The Tories only worry about running such a huge campaign will be looking like rich boys trying to buy the election.


  1. Very unsmart poster. The masses of voters don’t give a sh*t about the national deficit and they don’t want cuts in any spending. They want to know what the Conversatives are going to do to improve their lives. Nothing apparently. Absolutely nothing.

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