I pity the fool

The Conservative Party have released a new film entitled ‘Don’t let Brown take you for a fool’.  It’s of a relatively high quality in terms of production values.  The ‘Gordon says’ and ‘what’s actually true’ isn’t executed quite clearly enough.  The choice of a jazz soundtrack is somewhat bizarre, I suppose it gives it a sinister undertone but it feels slightly Pink Panther.

Not bad, but not great; but at least they’re putting out content.  A constant stream of content creates a narrative of what a party stands for.  Whilst not many swing voters will be logging on and viewing the video, supporters no doubt will and it gives motivatation and ammunition for the door step.

Total Politics article on Political Advertising

Total politics political advertisingTotal Politics magazine has a really interesting feature article on whether or not the law should change on political advertising.  It features Guido Fawkes in the ‘yes it should change’ and Nigel Evans (Tory MP) for the ‘no it shouldn’t’. 

Regular readers will be unsurprised that I side with Guido.  I could add a number of others, but agree with all of his 3 guiding principles of:

“An ideological preference for freedom, the practical consideration that it would reengage the public, and that it would boost the competitiveness of the political market.”

Thanks to Katherine for sending this over.

Lydia Guevara poses for PETA

Lydia Guevara peta

Che Guevara’s daughter Lydia poses for PETA’s latest execution in their campaign for animal rights.  She poses using carrots instead of bullets whilst mimicking her fathers iconic revolutionary image.  It’s completely her call as to the honourability of her participation in the campaign using her relations equity; for me it seems cheap at best and dishonourable at worst.

NHS used as stick to beat Obama’s healthcare reforms

The above advert is one of the better ones created by Conservatives for Patients Rights; an organisation spending millions of dollars in advertising to try and prevent Obama from passing sweeping healthcare reforms in the USA.

In the UK last week, our politicians were clambering over each other to stand up for the NHS – you almost never hear a politician damning the NHS.  It’s rare to the extent that I found it quite shocking watching some of the adverts openly criticising the NHS, my British gut reaction was along the lines of “Now hang on just a minute old boy, you can’t say things like that around here”…

Futuristic Scaremongering

This sort of scaremongering in political advertising would be inconcievable in the UK, but it’s a great spot nonetheless.  The advocating politician, Chuck DeVore, is running for Senate in California in 2010 and his opposition Barbara Boxer is a keen environmental campaigner. 

It’s a powerful video and the ‘if x happens the future will look like y’ is a classic route for political campaigns – intellects and activists alike have found futuristic ponderings a powerful form of persuasion.

Pink (Ballot) Paper

The Labour Party have released an advert highlighting their action on lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and trans-gendered (LGBT) rights and seeded it on the Pink Paper.  I’ve never seen a LGBT specific piece of political advertising before in the UK by a mainstream political party, though I’m sure there has been.  This is a really nice, positive video that beats the pants off anything else that the Labour Party have produced for the EU elections.  Great stuff.