Searchlight, the BNP and Clear Channel


Clear Channel, the UK’s market leader in outdooor advertising, have been attacked for providing media space to the BNP. Searchlight, the anti-racist and anti-fascist organisation based in the UK, have been organising action against the company.

Clear Channel have claimed no wrong doing, stating that their company policy was to “allow legal and legitimate political parties to engage in campaigning and maintain free speech” and that it will accept advertising from such parties without “bias or favour, regardless of the company’s own views.”

The message in above piece of political advertising ‘punish the pigs by voting BNP’ is a classic piece of nationalist populism.  Fascist nationalist parties throughout history have reaped success from public anger over establishment corruption and jingoism; in this respect the EU elections could prove furtile recruiting grounds for the BNP.

The anger and hate that flows from the communication might be attractive to an extremist few, but I image most people – even those deeply disenchanted by the expenses row – will find it alienating and forbidding.

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