Another Schweppes Advert I don’t get

cameron schweppes ad cameron politics

Here’s another overly convoluted advert by Schweppes.  ‘Gosh we can’ is moderately amusing, but other than that this advert does absolutely nothing for me.

Schweppes are experienced in making tonic water. Fine. But what the hell has that got to do with David Cameron or Barack Obama? Are they both inexperienced? Or just Cameron? What role does Schweppes play in this advert?

This ‘political’ campaign that Schweppes are running is bizarre.  Am I missing something?…Only too easily the case, so if I am, someone PLEASE point it out to me, to put me out of my misery!


  1. Well, it’s like this. Schweppes sell tonic water, right? And that’s it! They don’t care what they say as long as they say something about themselves. Um. What means the big sign which reads ‘Experience matters?’ They’re being ironic because Cameron doesn’t have experience of anything other than PR in the real world? Um. OK – beats me, too. What a stupid ad.

  2. We are in an election campaign now, aren’t we? The European elections are in a few weeks time. I think this is subliminal advertising. Look at the figures at the back applauding Cameron. The idea of the ad is to get Cameron’s face in your head associated with applauds and hence “winning”.

    I think this is worth a complaint to ASA,. or the electoral commission, since it is clearly a political advert.

  3. you’ve taken notice of the ad, you know its schweppes, you’ve blogged others telling others about it, they now know its schweppes.

    the whole point of the ad is to increase awareness in them and its worked! the point is there is no point…

  4. Schweppes has experience of making drink (since 1783)….This is a demonstration of david cameron showing his ‘experience’ by jumping on the Obama band wagon. Its a piss take of cameron, saying he’s a chameleon.

  5. I think the problen with the ad is that David Cameron is not, I would guess, viewed by the public as inexperienced. He’s been an MP for 8 years, was in the Shadow Cabinet prior to becoming Leader of the Opposition (which he’s been for 4 years) and was Special Advisor during the last Conservative government. Using another brand – David Cameron in this case – in an advert is always dangerous.
    As brands exist only the heads of consumers, whenever you’re advertising it you stand a good chance of mis-judging how people feel about it. Using 2 brands in an advert doubles this risk. Using a politician’s brand (which can vary day to day) increases the risk exponentially.

  6. I saw another of these bizarre ads in the paper recently. An image of Parliament superimposed into one of those Benefit Fraud bulls-eye targets, with the text: Experience Matters – Benefit Fraud, we’re closing in.

    What does that mean? MPs expenses are supposed to be benefit fraud, right? Ok, got that. But what’s the deal with experience? MPs are too experienced, so they’re fiddling expenses? Or too inexperienced to know better? And what does that have to do with Schweppes? Do they mean ‘the experience of drinking Schweppes’? Or do they mean experience, as in, a long CV? Puzzling.

  7. I saw the benefit fraud one as well and actually thought that was one of the more straight forward ones. My guess is that the government have experience in cracking down on benefit fraud through their own ads and through the department for work and pensions. So they should have experience when it comes to cracking down on themselves….Schweppes’ role is to comment on when experience matters, and i assume that because they have been around for 225 years they are well placed to do so?

    I’ve seen them online a lot as well and they all direct you back to here

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