G20 – Be Heard



The Labour Party have launched a new campaign around the G20 called ‘G20 – Be heard’.  When the Labour Party uses the fact they are in government during big global events it must go down really well with membership; what’s the point of your party being in government if you don’t get to input into the most important political events?  How happy other governments would be if they knew that the G20 was being billed as a meeting of the Labour Party leader and President Obama is another matter…


The headline slightly overplays the ‘Obama is God’ message, the title copy of ‘If I could say one thing’ reads like an advert for an Alpha course…


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  1. I can think of only two things funnier than this campaign – ‘Dandy’ and ‘Beano’. Whoever wrote this stuff needs to know that people gave up on snake oil a long time ago (one hopes). All those lovely ‘say one thing’ quotes must have taken Mandy’s burgeoning PR team a day or two, there are so many of them pushing all the right buttons. As for that photo – well! Reminiscent of Laurel and Hardy.

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