Amnesty – Rape is cheaper than bullets


Amnesty International has launched a print and poster campaign that highlights the use of rape as weapon in areas of conflict. The objective of the campaign is to highlight the effects of war on women and girls. 

The textured close up photograph of the bullet combined with powerfully written copy and clean and simple art direction makes for a striking and emotive piece of political advertising.

Eyebrow Disco



I know I write about Alistair Darling’s eyebrows quite a lot, but if anyone who has any ability to get in contact with him reads this, please for the love of god get him in front of a webcam and on to this website.

Cadbury’s have made an expandable banner advert for their ‘dancing eyebrows’ campaign, but with a difference! It allows visitors to film themselves dancing with their eyebrows, submit the video for approval, and then have their video appear on the MSN homepage. But for today only!

Earth Hour Poster

earth hour Shepard Fairey

Frank Shepard Fairey (the guy who created the Obama ‘Hope’ image ) was commissioned to create a poster promoting the WWF’s 2009 Earth Hour (more info on March 28th’s big event here) and above is the fruits of his labour.

I’m not sure the title of ‘Vote Earth’ and the call to action of  ‘your light switch is your vote’ is as coherent as it could have been.  The logic police would call you up on the fact that if ‘your light switch is your vote’ then the two options would be ‘on’ or ‘off’ (I suppose if you say ‘earth’ in a french accent it sounds like ‘off’) and not ‘earth’.

I can see what John Howard means when he says that: “being paid-for advertising, [it] lacks something of the simplicity, immediacy and purity” of the Obama piece.  It was always a risk doing an ‘environmental version’ of the Obama piece; I think Earth Hour would have got the same PR if  they had commissioned  Shepard Fairey to do something completely different and it wouldn’t subsequently be judged to the same extortionately high standard as ‘hope’.

The Political Power of Music

Alastair Campbell has just blogged about about his favourite music singles of all time for his appearance on Dermot O’Leary‘s Time Capsule programme on Radio 2 tomorrow night. Included in his 5 free choices of all time top songs are two political choruses: the ANC’s anthem which in turn became the South African national anthem and D:Ream‘s ‘Things can only get better’.

The choice of music for a campaign, as anyone who has sat in a post-production suite for days on end will tell you, is an incredibly difficult and important decision. The whole mood and message take-out of an advert can be changed if one track is chosen as oppose to another.

Audio cues play such a powerful role in affecting mood and decision making. Getting ‘the right track’ for a general election campaign is absolutely fundamental in terms of rallying supporters and setting the tone for an electoral battle, but you never hear about who in the Labour Party decided to use, for example, U2’s ‘Beautiful Day’ in 2005.

Trawling through Last FM trying to find ‘that’ song to encapsulate everything that your political party is standing for in a general election must be every music-loving-politico’s idea of heaven. Any guesses / suggestions for what Clegg, Brown or Cameron will / should be walking down the rally carpets to?

Political Corruption iPhone Application


This ‘pay 2 play’ iPhone application was launched last week and enables iPhone users to have a go at being a corrupt politician.  It’s inspired by the recent corruption saga of an ex-Illinois Senator Milorad “Rod” R. Blagojevich (his name genuinly contains the word ‘blag’).

The game’s description in the application store:

Ever wanted to be an Illinois governor? Well now you can! Pay2Play is the game of trading and danger. How much money can YOU make selling senate seats? Head all over Illinois trading your way to success! You have 30 days to pay back the unions, make tons of cash, and get out of town all before getting impeached!”

Making mocking iphone applications could be the political advertising ‘attack’ medium of the future.  They can impart information in a powerful yet light-hearted and  interactive way.  Not only that, they’re free to distribute and are the sort of thing you’d willingly show your friends.

Save the Great British Pub

The Conservative’s have launched another highly populist campaign to ‘Save the Great British Pub’.  It’s not very creatively executed and if Jeremy Hunt hadn’t have been talking about pubs I would have stopped watching some time before the end.

However, now the Tories have launched this campagin their supporters have a policy area, with rich creative opportunities, to start making their own material and spreading the message to their friends.

If a mate of yours wanted you to feature in a sing-a-long outside your local for a video to be posted on the internet to help save it from closure, would you agree? Probably. Even if you detest the Tories, you still love your pub.  And would all your wider friendship group end up watching it on YouTube? Again, probably.  And so the message that the Conservative’s are the ‘party of the pub’ will spread.