The YouTube Election

The YouTube Election
The YouTube Election

There’s been a load of articles in the last few days about the US Election being the first YouTube election.  Here’s a particularly good one with reference to the situation in the UK by Noelle McElhatton. 

UK political parties are so far behind their American counterparts in many facets of marketing, but particular with regards to digital.  We’ve yet to experience a truly internet influenced election.  I recently wrote a research paper on the online campaigns of candidates in The Labour Party’s Deputy Leadership election of 2007 (if you’d like a copy drop me a comment); essentially the findings were ‘could do significantly better’ .  Use of video clips was minimal on campaign sites, YouTube was virtually empty of content and a few candidates sites were barely updated throughout the campaign.

I’ll be amazed (but delighted!) if, come the next general election in the UK, I’ll have a quarter as much content to be able to refer to as I’ve had for Obama vs McCain.

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