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Yes Scotland Posters

Yes Scotland Poster what would you say to living in one of the worlds wealthiest nations

Yes Scotland heading for a better future poster children beach Yes scotland poster - dont let them tell us we cant

Over the last week the Yes Scotland campaign released a nationwide poster campaign.

The thing that excites my most about political posters is that the good ones tend to distil the key issues down to only a handful of words.

There’s no room for caveats or hedged bets.

With political posters you’re spending huge amounts of hard-earned campaign funds to get the chance to deliver the most compelling version of your argument that you can.

These posters convey the sense of optimism, hope and ambition that the Yes campaign is becoming famous for.  They don’t get bogged down in the details of policy; the posters make big, bold statements in simple, motivating language.

The final poster above, with the headline “don’t let them tell us we can’t”, is the one that nationalist advocates will doubtless have stuck in their windows and plastered on their Facebook wall.

Rumour has it that the Better Together campaign are currently in research with their first major advertising campaign.  As it is so often the case that those pushing for the status quo are in the business of selling fear, my bet is that they will be in a very different territory to this bonnie offering.

The two futures facing Scotland

Scotlands future two choices

The Yes to Scottish Independence campaign have released this nicely art directed piece of communication.

The real challenge with creating communications for the independence referendum is  to deliver a simple message when the issues are often relatively complex constitutional matters.

This image nicely conveys the broad emotive sentiment of the Yes campaign which is “our future should be in our hands”.  It doesn’t get bogged down in the detail of currency unions, tax relief on savings or EU ascension.

The Yes Campaign obviously don’t feel they’re at the stage where wavering voters will respond well to communications which don’t at least pretend to be ‘giving information about the vote’. But I wonder how much longer until they ditch any pretence at rational information giving and go purely for the gushy stuff.

Say Goodbye to the Pound

Goodbye Scotland Referendum better together copy


The Better Together campaign that is hoping to convince the Scottish electorate to vote to stay in the United Kingdom have released the above very striking image.

A range of economic commentators and policy makers, from Bank of England Governor Mark Carney to Chief Economist at the FT, have recently intervened to highlight the problems that Scotland will face with their currency if they do indeed leave the Union.

The above image is brilliantly simple and will play gently on the minds of voters still worrying about the economic impact of a ‘Yes’ majority.

No To UK Partition

‘No To UK Partition’ have released an amusing and compelling video which aims to persuade the Scottish electorate to vote against independence.

This style of animated video and stilted, computer generated speech is a popular technique for lampooning various industries and stereotypes online.

This is the first campaign video I’ve seen for the Scottish referendum, but on this early showing, it should be a good one.