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Colin Powell endorses Obama in a rare positive TV ad

Last week, in an interview with CBS, Colin Powell endorsed Obama’s campaign for Presidency.

Powell, who was Secretary of State for Republican President George W Bush from 2001-05, made a series of warm remarks about Obama’s administration, but also made some damning criticisms about Romney’s failings as a candidate.

Obama’s team have decided to make an ad which uses only the positive comments, as opposed to an attack ad using the comments that were derogatory about Romney.

The President’s campaign thus far has been overwhelming negative, so this is quite a refreshing change in tack.

Obama ad – can you name all of Romney’s tax rises in 30 seconds?

Obama has released a new ad that attacks Romney for raising taxes during his time as Governor of Massachusetts.

The extreme levity of the tone of this ad makes the attack quite grating.

It reminds me of a time when I first dropped my lunch tray in the dinning room at school the most annoying little brat in the class tried to lead the piss-taking. To my surprise and delight, everyone laughed at his eagerness to poke fun at me, rather than at my poor platter management.

At that exact moment I realised, as I cleared my plate of Pasta King spaghetti off the lino flooring, you can’t be really smug and annoying yourself and then expect others to follow you in mocking someone else.


Mitt Romney Style (Gagnam Style Parody)

I’m very late to this, but here is a video mocking Mitt Romney – Gagnam Style.

The video featuring a singing, dancing doppelgänger of Mitt Romney is a parody of what is the viral hit of the year (below).

The production values are high and the attacks – along the now-well-established lines of Romney’s wealth, big business agenda and derogatory remarks about the 47% – are very amusing.

It’s got 2 million votes so far and still very much growing.

Big Bird Obama Ad

Obama’s campaign have released an ad featuring children’s TV character Big Bird.

The reason for featuring the large yellow avian is that Romney has pledged to cut the funding to PBS, the station that produces Sesame Street.  Obama’s team believe that Romney is all too happy to be tough on the likes of Sesame Street, but won’t act against Wall St.

It has proven to be a bit of an own goal as the show’s creators have since made it clear that they hadn’t given permission to use their giant feathered friend for political ends and have asked the Obama campaign to pull the spot.  What a forehead-slappingly basic thing to forget to do.

And, in a week where Romney outperformed Obama in the opening candidates debate and has made significant gains in the polls, it comes across as churlish to release a spot on such a small issue when there are serious questions being raised about the President’s credentials for a second term.

I’m chalking this one up as an own goal.

Sarah Silverman 2012 – Let my people vote

Sarah Silverman has released her long-awaited follow-up to ‘The Great Schlep’ that received huge acclaim in 2008.  Similarly to her previous effort it takes on an unexpected element of the election narrative, is staunchly pro-Obama and provocatively rude towards the Republican candidate.

The focus for the video is new ‘Voter ID’ laws and whilst funny it lacks the political insight (focusing on elderly, Jewish, Florida-dwelling votes) and (relatively) clean-cut gags that made the original so great.

Nevertheless, the video’s message is convincing – the viewer is left with the impression that Voter ID is unfair and that sense of injustice is the sort of thing that gets supporters out on to the door step.

Not as good as the original, but that was a hard act to follow.  This video has gained millions of views in its first week and has contributed significantly to the narrative of the 2012 election.

The deluge of attack ads using Romney’s 47% speech begins

In May of this year Mitt Romney held a behind-closed-doors fundraiser for high rolling supporters.  He spoke candidly and passionately about the challenges he feels he faces in opposing Obama for the position of President of the United States.

Very unfortunately for Romney’s electoral prospects, there was an undercover reporter in the crowd who video recorded the speech and then held the recording until the moment when it could cause the largest possible amount of pain for the Republican candidate.

There are a huge number of policy-related reasons as to why many people felt the comments were unfair.  And there are even more as to why it is devastating for Romney’s hopes in winning in November.

The above video was the first attack ad out of the blocks.  It uses the same ‘vox-pop with iPad’ technique as Romney employed in his ‘Build‘ set of commercials.  It’s a fairly ordinary ad but the speed at which it was created and deployed is incredible – it was on air within 24 hours of the 47% video launch.

Obama’s SuperPac followed shortly afterwards with the effort below.  I’ve got a feeling these two ads won’t be the only ones to use Romney’s 47% against him…

Obama attacks Romney VP choice – Paul Ryan Would Take Us Back

Team Obama have released an ad attacking Romney’s choice of Vice Presidential running partner – Paul Ryan.

The line of attack used is that Paul Ryan would take America back to a time before many issues of social justice were won; the ad sites policy positions around university fees, womens rights and medical support.

The ad uses a fairly lame creative treatment of ‘early-20th-Century-black-and-white-crackling-film’ to make the point that “Ryan’s from a bygone era” .

The ad is over-long and fairly boring.  I’ll be amazed if many people make it to the end.

“If you’ve got a business… you didn’t build that somebody else made that happen”

Mitt Romney’s latest attack ad is slamming Obama for a speech he made towards the beginning of July that defended progressive taxation and the welfare state.

The clip used in this attack makes it sound like Obama’s questioning the integrity of small business owners.  However, neutral fact-checking organisations and news outlets are now almost universally agreed that he was instead referring to the fact that small business owners use infrastructure and services provided by the state.

It’s relatively common-place for campaigns to take quotations of an opponent out of context and use their words against them in ways that are dishonest.  Usually, fact-checking organisations step in and refute any dishonest attacks, after which the campaign quietly drops the slur whilst hoping that some of the mud slung has stuck.

However, Obama’s team are so spooked about how much traction the line of attack has had, despite the fact-checkers riding to his rescue, that they’ve released a rebuttal ad where the President defends himself.


The Democrat rapid response unit have made a montage of what has been dubbed ‘RomneyShambles’ – the phrase that has been coined to describe Mitt Romney’s thus far ill-fated visit to London.

The phrase ‘omnishambles’ is particularly popular amongst British politicos; it was brought to fame during the BBC’s political comedy “The Thick of It” and was used by Ed Milliband in the House of Commons in April 2012. 

As such the hash tag #RomneyShambles has been delighting the politico twitterati and has been trending all day.  Below is probably the best of the RomneyShamble images that have been doing the rounds.

Sarah Silverman’s Indecent Proposal

Sarah Silverman has an offer for Mitt Romney’s most generous supporter, Sheldon Adelson.

Silverman proposes that if Sheldon donates the $100 million that he intends to give to Romney’s campaign to Obama instead, she will ‘scissor’ the wealthy casino magnate whilst she wears a bikini.

In a video that is now no doubt the front-runner for “ad most likely to cause offense of 2012″, Silverman defines ‘scissoring’ as “traditional lesbian sex” and then goes on to demonstrate the action with a small dog.

Silverman is no stranger to campaigning for Obama in ways which push the boundaries of comic license; her 2008 video The Great Schlep won many plaudits but also ruffled some feathers.

However, the indecent proposal is far more extreme and I doubt it will have the same sort of mainstream appeal.  Despite its comic intention, the tone borders on aggressive.  Voters will question whether a political donor deserves to have such a brutal and overtly sexual attack levied against him.