Labour: nurse applications open May 8th


The Labour Party have released a new poster which promotes their policy to recruit 20,000 more nurses.

It features an image of thousands of nurse-style fob watches and a sub header announcing that applications for these new jobs will open the day after polling day, May 8th.

It also carries a new campaign strap line: “It’s time to care. It’s time for a Labour government”.

This is the first really strong poster from Labour of the 2015 general election. And it’s a positive one!

The message is clear, with an appropriate and original visual. And there’s a bit of levity in there with the suggestion around the application date.

The policy is a salient one with the public; it’s also right in Labour’s comfort zone as well as being an area where the Conservatives lack credibility.

And the strap line is brilliant. It’s a twist on the classic challenger ‘time for a change’ slogan. It neatly encapsulates everything that Miliband and Labour are standing for.

The interesting thing about this poster is that if it had been released earlier in the campaign there’s a chance the Conservatives would have attacked it for being an example of Labour’s profligate spending plans. However, as the Tories have made plenty of spending commitments throughout the short campaign, the accusation won’t hold water.

The Labour campaign is really picking up steam heading into the final couple of weeks of the contest.


Jo Brand stars in new Labour Party Election Broadcast

Comedian Jo Brand stars in the Labour Party’s latest election broadcast which puts the spotlight on the Conservative Party’s record on the NHS.

This is exactly what a party election broadcast should be.

1. It’s single-minded.

2. The language used by the talent feels vaguely authentic.

3. The delivery isn’t forced.

By keeping the production within the confines of a studio they’ve been able to invest the production money available into cameras and lighting, which means it has a high quality look and feel.

And in order to prevent the viewer getting bored of just seeing someone talking at them down the barrel, there’s a sort of ‘behind-the-scenes’ style which gives an excuse to cut away from the talent from time to time.

Very good.

Labour’s campaign seems to be picking up speed and confidence in the final straight.

The doctor can’t see you now


Every UK election one of the parties feels that it is necessary to reeappropriate some aspect of the 1978 ‘Labour isn’t working’ poster.

These various pastiches have never been remotely successful so why it is always deemed to be a good idea by party strategists is beyond me.

Labour isn’t working was a very good poster, 37 years ago. Perhaps if all the time and energy that Labour (and others) have spent making lame pastiches of it had gone into writing new ads we might have had more of its quality since.

UKIP launch election campaign with pledge poster


UKIP launched their general election 2015 today with a poster containing 5 pledges.

It’s fairly bland but the simplicity and clarity of the messages is very smart.

Political strategy requires sacrifice. Resisting the temptation to campaign on any issue that comes along is a major aspect of any successful party.

If UKIP can stick to the message discipline they’ve displayed on the opening day, I’m sure they’ll live up to promise.

Labour attack Tory promise of EU referendum in FT ad

The Labour Party have today run a full page advert in the Financial Times warning the business community of the threat a possible British exit would pose to jobs and the economy.

It features quotations of various business leaders and reminds readers that the EU is Britains largest export market.

It’s not the most creative execution in the world, but the use of testimonials from big wigs in the world of business to make the points was a good idea. It lands the key points and gives an air of non-partisan impartiality which gives the messages weight.

Don’t let the Tories hit you with VAT


The Labour have attacked the Tories on VAT in their latest poster.

George Osborne had repeatedly refused to rule out raising the tax, which seems to have led Labour to campaign on the issue.

The poster is a slight pastiche of the Tory’s ‘wrecking ball’ execution, which I assume is a deliberate if slightly opaque reference.

Surely the headline should have been “don’t let the Tories hit you with VAT” – am I right??

I’m right.

David Prescott – A Fresh Start for Gainsborough

One of the most exciting things about general election time is seeing some of the constituency level battles playing out.

This video David Prescott’s campaign has produced seems to be getting lots of compliments online, and rightly so.  It’s very nicely shot, the candidate speaks fluently and the whole piece just has a lovely authenticity to it.

I suspect in the final days of the campaign floating voters will be hitting the search engines to find out who their local candidates are and, as video ranks so highly on Google, the chances of videos such as these getting seen by the correct audience are pretty good.

I understand this was shot by Jack Slater (), I wouldn’t be surprised if other candidates give him a call between now and May 7th.