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Green Party video on Europe

The Green Party released this video last week to coincide with EU debates between UKIP’s Nigel Farage (pronounced like ‘garage’ with an f) and the Lib Dem’s Nick Clegg MP.

It’s very long.  So, so long.

Something’s got to be intensely interesting to keep your attention on YouTube for over 3 minutes and I’m afraid this doesn’t quite cut it.  There’s some funny moments, but I bet any vaguely normal person would have closed the window before the Green Party spokesman appeared.

The party win points for timeliness, but get a slapped wrist for overindulging themselves.

Green Party Posters

The Green Party have released some posters to support the personalised party election broadcast that they released earlier in the week.  The posters communicate the same core messages as the broadcast (that the Greens are different from the rest and have a range of policies across a variety of sectors) in a simple, clever and visually appealing way.

I previously hadn’t appreciated the sheer scale of the campaign that Glue had created for this election.  You can get the full details of the strategy that has been adopted, the range of the creative executions – including an online policy matcher and iPhone app – and the media channels within which it has been delivered here.

This must have all been done on an absolute shoe-string of a budget, but it just shows that you don’t have to have mega money to deliver a well thought out, creatively integrated and media neutral message.

Green Party Election Broadcast 2010

The Green Party have created a nice animation for their party election broadcast.  

The aim of the piece is to communicate that the Green Party hold a wide breadth of seemingly common-sense policy positions (not just to do with the environment) which challenge the political status quo.  It doesn’t take your breath away, but given the tiny budget they would have had to produce this, it achieves the objectives and is interesting enough to keep your attention throughout.

They’ve included a functionality on their website which enables people to choose policy issues which they think will be salient with their friends and then forward on a personalised, edited version of the film.  Pretty cool.