German Green Party ad: The common snail

Here’s a very funny (and angry) ad for the Green Party that is currently running in Germany in advance of their general election that takes places in less than a month.

It features a fake naturalist discussing the common snail and intersperses the film with footage of the ruling CDU/FDP government lazing around parliament and generally looking foolish.

Here’s a short excerpt of the voice over:

As they linger in their natural resting place we can see that, due to their lack of spines, they do not orient themselves with an inner compass but just point their feelers whichever way the wind is blowing.

There’s a lot of care and attention to detail that has gone into the production.  The set of the naturalist’s office is well-crafted and the character gives a great performance.  The black and white imagery of the government contrasts brilliantly with the dull muted tones of the office and helps create a good sense of urgency and distress in the attack ad.

There’s a good round up of campaign advertising currently on air in Germany available on this post on the FT (thanks to @chchristiaens for sending).

We have more to offer

We have more to offer

As you know, I like to keep you abreast of political advertising from across the globe – so here’s an execution the German CDU are running in the lead up to the general election in 7 weeks time.  The strap line reads “We have more to offer”.  This isn’t a joke, but US based political advertising blogger ’30 or 60′ is unsure the PR coup will translate into votes.

Libertas – Make Your Own Political Advert

Libertas create your own ad

Libertas have launched the most interactive, innovate and ambitious piece of political advertising yet created for the EU elections.  Supporters can choose a template for an advert, upload a photo and message and then publish it.  Not only does it give you the option to send on the advert to friends and prospective supporters, it also serves the advert straight on to

See my example on the top left – don’t worry this is not a sudden diversion from this blogs politically neutral standpoint to plead with you to vote Libertas, but a demonstration of the ease with which one can personalise and use this application.

This is a real lesson in political advertising for the more mainstream parties.  If a minority party can create engaging and exciting content why can’t those who aspire to gaining a plurality of votes from the British public?

Election, what election?


Alastair Campbell has written an interesting article highlighting the lack of political advertising in the UK around the EU elections.  He gives anecdotal evidence of Rome being plastered with posters and leaflets, whilst the only campaign materials he saw from his journey from Heathrow to his house was the ‘vote Labour’ poster in his front window.

Something has to change with regards to how this country funds political communication.