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Greenpeace Campaign – VW: The Dark Side

Greenpeace have released a very good spoof of VW’s ‘The Force’ TV spot which first ran during the Superbowl this year.

The video features a gang of young kids dressed up as the Star Wars series’ main protagonists who take on VW and mini- Darth Vadar.

The basis for Greenpeace’s campaign against Volkswagen is that supposedly the car manufacturing giant is donating millions of Euros every year to lobby groups who are trying to stop Europe increasing its commitment to greenhouse gas reductions from 20% to 30% by 2020.

The environmental group have created a website with a ‘Rebel Manifesto’ which seeks to educate, and enlist the support of, the public.

Greenpeace – Why Ken Really Dumped Barbie

Greenpeace have launched a video recording of their latest stunt that aims to put pressure on Mattel Toys to reconsider which partners they use in the Barbie supply chain.

It’s not the slickest or most impactful stunt / campaign / video that I’ve ever seen.  However, the principle of using a brand’s narrative against it’s holding company is a good’n (albeit not particularly original).

Save as a WWF

The simple ideas are always the best.

PDF files are great because they can contain whole books within relatively small amount of memory.   However, PDF files can are bad for the environment because they allow people to print whole books relativley easily.

So, the WWF has created a file format which does everything that a PDF can do, except you can’t print it.


Oil & Water Do Not Mix

British Artist Anthony Burrill and Belgian creative agency Happiness Brusselsto have created a series of posters printed using the crude oil that was washed up on the beaches of Louisiana during BP’s Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

The words ‘Oil & Water’ are printed in a golden oil colour while below a stylised waterline, the oil-based paint is used to shape the words ‘Do Not Mix’ out of the neutral background of the poster.

It’s a great concept and the execution of the posters is stunning.  The posters will be available to buy, with profits going to the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana.

Online attacks on BP continue

Following on from Greenpeace’s re-branding of BP, there is now a twitter feed which updates followers as to the various environmental offenses that BP are being accused of.  The feed has nearly 40, 000 followers – an absolutely collosal amount.  Yet another example how social media can cause a real public relations headache for multi-nationals who get caught behaving improperly.

(Thanks to Erik for passing this on).

Amnesty raise cash online for anti-Shell advert

Amnesty International have been raising funds online to pay for insertions in national newspapers to coincide with Shell’s AGM, which takes place tomorrow.

The press ad, featuring a champagne glass filled with oil, attacks the profits that Shell have made via exploiting oil reserves in the Niger Delta.  The powerful imagery and copy, all using tones of grey and black, encourages share holders to hold the Shell board to account for the actions in the region.

A fantastic piece of advertising from Amnesty and smart use of their huge social media activist base to raise cash.