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Ladies Confess – No time for a novice

Here’s a new video attacking George Osborne.  

It follows the favoured Labour line of attack of ‘no time for a novice’ and features 4 girls shot in ‘casting couch’ style seemingly talking about the sort of man they want to… you know… do.  But, and here comes the rug-pull, they are in fact talking about who they want in charge of the economy.

EMMA Trust – Keep the far right out

Some absolutely outstanding creative work from Team Saatchi for the EMMA Trust.  This is art direction of the highest order.

I’m not sure they’re particularly appropriate for the target (white, working class), so they’re not a great pieces of advertising, but in terms of creative work I’ve not seen much better than this throughout the election.

(Thanks to Ed for sending through)

Don’t Judge My Family

The campaigning organisation Don’t Judge My Family have released a hard-hitting, emotionally charged video urging people not to vote for David Cameron on May 6th.   Don’t Judge My Family formed in opposition to the Conservative Party policy to give a tax break for married couples.

The tone is brilliantly balanced, conveying a quiet anger whilst maintaining a sense of levity and positivity.  Powerful stuff.

David Cameron – Common People Video

A very funny video taking the piss out of Cameron and Osborne’s privileged backgrounds using a re-write of Pulp’s ‘Common People’ track.  Great copy writing, appropriate visual imagery and unsurprisingly getting a huge amount of traction online.

Leading British artists make election posters

The Guardian ran a feature today showing election posters created by some of Britain’s leading contemporary artists.  Below are my favourite three, but I implore you to check out the full gallery.

Martin Parr

Martin Parr is one of my favourite photographers of all time, so you can imagine my delight to hear that he had agreed to create an election poster.  It is, unsurprisingly, visually stunning and an incredibly impactful piece of political communication.  What I would do for a print to go on my wall.

Alison Jackson

A very clever piece of photographic manipulation.  An even better creative idea.

Mark Wallinger

Mark Wallinger has created a simple, yet beautifully art directed poster attacking the Conservative Party in a brutal and merciless way.  The website has a host of stunning pro-Labour / anti-Tory posters.

Hung Parliament Party

The Conservative Party have launched ‘The Hung Parliament Party’.  The Tories openly admit that they are no longer competing against the Labour Party but instead against the possibility of a hung parliament.  The Conservatives are obviously fearful that public perception of the possibility of a hung parliament is positive and are doing what they can to try and convince us otherwise.

I’m not sure creating a fake political party was the best creative vehicle for this campaign.  People are overwhelming turned off by political parties, so why create a new one to dislike?